Wisconsin Assembly Republicans pass sweeping redistricting reform, but likely veto awaits

Wisconsin’s Republican Assembly passed a redistricting reform plan, transferring map-drawing power from lawmakers to nonpartisan staff. Despite the plan resembling Governor Evers’ nonpartisan redistricting proposal, Evers is likely to veto the “bogus” bill. The bill requires approval from the Republican Senate and Evers to become law. Democrats are wary of the proposal, suspecting it’s a ruse to prevent the liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court from rejecting Republican-drawn maps. The bill passed 64-32 in the Assembly, with bipartisan votes required to pass any maps and legislative power to amend maps removed. If enacted, new maps must be drawn by January 31, 2024. This unfolds amidst a Republican threat to impeach the Supreme Court justice who gave liberals the majority if she doesn’t recuse herself from redistricting lawsuits. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has yet to decide on hearing the redistricting challenges.

Source: Google Alert – redistricting and republican

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