Opinion: Mitt Romney’s grand finale | CNN

Mitt Romney, Utah Senator, known for his problem-solving and compromise-seeking, announced his decision not to run for re-election. His political approach, often out of step with current Republican sentiment, saw him partner with Republicans and Democrats on diverse issues. His tenure, though brief, left a legacy marked by his willingness to go against party lines and follow his convictions. Romney’s departure is a loss, as he was one of the last true policy wonks in Congress, understanding issues deeply before voting. His focus included addressing national debt, preparing America for challenges from aggressive China, and countering climate change, often clashing with GOP views. Frequently expressing opposition to former President Trump, Romney urged the party to change direction, emphasizing the need for a nominee with character. Despite a short Senate tenure, Romney’s influence, rooted in his willingness to do what he believes to be right, promises his final Senate months to be consequential.

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