Court denies Alabama’s request to use voting map with only one majority-Black district

Supreme Court rejects Alabama’s 2024 congressional map, deemed likely to violate Voting Rights Act. Earlier map also violated federal law, diluting Black voters’ power. Redistricting to proceed with court-appointed experts creating new map with additional majority-Black district. Alabama’s 27% Black population had only one majority-Black district in 2021 map. Federal court agreed 2021 map likely violated Voting Rights Act, banning racial discrimination in voting. Supreme Court upheld lower court’s decision, rejecting Alabama’s call for race-blind map drawing. New map again had only one majority-Black district. Lower court appointed experts to create new map, deeming it likely 2023 map violates Voting Rights Act. Alabama requested Supreme Court intervention, arguing second majority-Black district not required. Challengers warned against using “unlawful, dilutive” plan in 2024 elections. Supreme Court denied Alabama’s request.

Source: SCOTUSblog

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