EAC Leads Charge in Elevating U.S. Election Administration and Security Initiatives

In the world of election administration, February has been a month bustling with activity and progress. On January 31st, the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) released their FY 2023 Annual Report, providing a comprehensive overview of efforts to streamline federal elections. The EAC has been proactive, distributing $75 million to enhance election administration and further expanding its capacity. They have established new programs like the Election Supporting Technology Evaluation Program and the Field Services Program. Officials and the public can review over 50 new resources and data from the 2022 Election Administration and Voting Survey to improve future elections via the EAC’s report on their website.

Help America Vote Day on January 30 was a dynamic initiative designed to recruit poll workers, vital for smooth election operations. A whopping 37 states and the District of Columbia made commitments, with 23 states actively engaging on social media to increase awareness. To support this ongoing initiative, the EAC urges election offices to ensure the poll worker lookup tool at HelpAmericaVote.gov is up to date, and they are already preparing for National Poll Worker Recruitment Day on August 1.

January 30 also marked the 2024 Elections Summit, hosted by the EAC in partnership with the University of Maryland’s Center for Democracy and Civic Engagement. Leaders, including EAC Chairwoman Christy McCormick, emphasized the importance of informed and confident voter participation. The event offered numerous panel discussions, addressing topics from election security to engaging diverse voter groups, and even featured innovative approaches to use sports stadiums as polling places.

Coming up in March, another key event is the Election Threat Intel Briefing. Scheduled for the 14th, hosted by the EAC with Mandiant, this session will focus on the increasingly critical arena of cybersecurity in elections. This webinar, requiring prior registration, promises to equip participants with strategies to shield election processes from cybersecurity threats.

Furthermore, the EAC has extended an invitation for submissions to the 2023 Clearinghouse Awards by March 1. This competition recognizes innovative practices in election administration, letting jurisdictions share effective and scalable methods to conduct elections. Acknowledging the unique challenges faced in remote areas, Commissioners Hicks and Palmer visited Guam and Northern Mariana Islands, exchanging ideas on improving their voting systems and understanding the transportation hurdles for ballots.

The EAC’s Local Leadership Council also made strides by hosting their 2024 Annual Meeting in early January. Here, council members tackled topics like election security and remote operations planning. These discussions are critical as they offer actionable insights for election officials working on the ground.

Keeping the public informed and engaged is at the heart of the EAC’s mission, and their efforts extend to even the remotest American territories. Embodying their commitment to maintaining the integrity and accessibility of U.S. elections, the myriad of events and updates from the EAC offer a reassuring snapshot of democracy’s support system in action.

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